NSA Affair: Courage for investigation needed

Leading European and US media publications have implied that there was especially one really relevant topic over the last few weeks: The NSA affair around the whistleblower Edward Snowden. The developments concerning this issue have been rapid. It has become not only an issue leading politicians are dealing with but also the public of the affected countries are. I tend to say that meanwhile the national public in Germany has formed its own point of view concerning Mr. Snowdens recent revelations and the current efforts to bring him to Germany in order to question him.

Not only did I follow the news coverage of DER SPIEGEL, DIE ZEIT, NEW YORK TIMES, THE GUARDIAN and FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG, but I also observed the sheer amount of reader comments posted below each of the articles. They cannot stand for a general opinion, but I found that some of those comments expressed either rational or disappointing and frightening thoughts, however.

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