[PODCAST] Merry Christmas by Stephen Leacock

This is for all of you. And in order to share this with all friends overseas the last podcast for this year is in english. But! It is not a comment. It is a christmas story by Stephen Leacock written in the year 1919, read by me. And although christmas is the season of joy, laughter and cheerfulness – and right so! – I find it necessary to spend a thought or two to all the children on earth amidst the chaos and cruelty of war. This story is supposed to remind us all that it is worth striving for a peaceful planet and that there is still a lot to be done to achieve this. For all the children in the world’s current conflict areas. And for all others, since we all are the children of someone. Have some wonderful holidays y’all!

P.S.: It’s not flawless but I hope you don’t mind. I fumbled around with the track speed while recording this and it kind of … well, I shouldn’t have done that 🙂 Enjoy anyways!

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